Knowing your Options when Shopping for a Fridge

Today, refrigeration technologies have progressed paving the way for the development of more refrigerator options, features, and designs. Extra fridge features were used to be a luxury but a lot of modern consumers find them a necessity. There are four major kinds of refrigerators in the market today. Read on to know what these are and how each of them can function better than others:

Top-Freezer Fridge

The design of a top-freezer refrigerator is one that most people grew up with. However, it is modernised to showcase better performance. This fridge comes with a classic look that provides wide clearance for things such as cookie sheets, or pizza boxes. A top-freezer fridge also comes with a significant amount of usable space.

However, the crisper and veggie storage can be usually low and the freezer part may not be easy for children or shorter adults to reach or see. But, this flaw is not a problem for users who don’t mind bending down from time to time get something inside the fridge.

Built-In Refrigerators

This is the best option to choose if you need customisation to fit your personal needs, space requirements, interior design aesthetic, and remodeled kitchen. This type of fridge showcases a sleek look and superior quality, especially if you choose a réfrigérateur en inox. But, it usually comes with a high price tag, although you may catch a deal on delivery and installation. Thankfully, the optimal feature performance, energy-efficiency, and ability to add value to your home will make this fridge worth your investment.

Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators

With this fridge design, you can look up your most commonly used items at eye-level. This means you do not need to stoop for frozen items. You may find this a worthwhile trade-off for the accessibility of your fresh food storage. As this style is highly on-demand, more options are being introduced such as in-door ice, French doors, and cold water dispensers.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators

In this design, the freezer and fresh-food compartment are split vertically, letting the unit fit into tight spaces. This is a convenient and visually-appealing design and usually includes features like in-door icemakers and temperature-controlled bins. The main drawback of this design is probably the difficulty in storing wider items, particularly on the freezer section. A side-by-side fridge comes with narrower shelves which can make it difficult to locate and extract items.

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