Proper Packaging of E-Commerce Business Can Help in Shaping a Brand

When you order a product online you expect it to arrive in good condition at your doorstep. Now, how would you react if you receive a package that is tampered or may be in crushed form? Well, this will be your last order from that shopping site. Hence, for a business to rise and promote its brand, every company should concentrate on their packaging, irrespective of the kind of business.

Customers share videos of package that they receive through e-commerce sites. Research says they have influenced many other customers through the packaging system. Most ecommerce sites believe that they should emphasize on the product. No wonder product is important, but the excitement increases when the package delivered is also attractive. Remember, ‘first impression is the last impression’.

Today’s public believes in appearance. Even in a restaurant, before the food it is the ambience that attracts customers. Therefore, instead of sending your product in a boring box, use custom shipping boxes. These boxes are made of desired shape to meet the requirement of the product. Also, they are labeled with your brand logo. Logo is the first thing that comes in sight even if the box is left in a corner.

There are three factors that are considered about packaging –


Online shopping has taken over the whole world. If you can get various options just by clicking your mouse and paying through credit card sitting in a comfortable place, then why spend time looking at different stores. The best part of ecommerce packaging is the element that minimal material is used. Just one corrugated box which is customized as per the product. This makes shipping easier as less space is required and also the packaging is eco-friendly.


There are still some online sites that provide below standard packaging. It may be mentioned that it is eco-friendly, but inside the paper packaging it contains polythene bubble wraps. Such companies try to save money by not buying customized boxes, rather they stick to paper foils that have bubble wraps enclosed inside. Such paper folds are wastage as they cannot be recycled and aren’t environmentally friendly.


The ugliest packaging would be to end an order through an envelope which is already smashed by some heavy object that was on top of it during shipping. Also, the brand name isn’t mentioned and there is something scribbled with pen for delivery person to understand. If you want to gift that product to someone, it would be too embarrassing.

Thus, packaging of products should be taken seriously. Premium packaging helps promote the brand as customers share their experience through videos and photographs online.

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