What’s The Hype Around Pink Diamonds? Find All Details Here!

Diamonds are forever. Thinking of diamonds, most of us think of the brilliance and sparkle. Colorless diamonds are usually most valued, but gemstones are also evaluated in terms of rarity and uniqueness. No wonder pink diamonds are in huge demand. To start with, pink diamonds are extremely rare and among the most expensive ones in fancy color diamonds. If you are considering this an option, here are some of the things you need to know.

How are pink diamonds formed?

In case you are wondering, natural pink diamonds are formed naturally. In the gemological world, there are various theories as how pink diamonds are formed, or what adds to the color, but it is common believed that pink diamonds get the hue from extra pressure that these stones are naturally exposed to.

Where are pink diamonds found?

Many countries, including Russia, Brazil and Canada are known for pink diamonds, but almost 90% of the stones you find in the market come from the Argyle Mine in Australia. Some of the rare argyle pink diamonds are high on price, and the mine is owned by a company called Rio Tinto with headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. Most of the pink diamonds are usually of 1 carat, and only around 50 carats are sold annually. Some of these diamonds can cost a million for each carat. There are selected online stores that sell pink diamonds online, and this is probably the best way to get access to the same.

How are pink diamonds valued?

It’s a no-brainer that pink diamonds are valued on color. The pinker the stone, the higher price it will fetch. In case of colorless diamonds, the focus is more on the cut and clarity, but in case of pink diamonds, the focus is more on the color and carat. Some of these diamonds can have a secondary hue, like purple, brown and orange, which can reduce the price of the stone. Keep in mind that even a .50 carat pink diamond can cost a lot, provided it doesn’t have any other color hue.

Think of pink diamonds as a rare indulgence. There are only a few selected stores and online vendors that deal in these, and it is important that you select from a store that you can rely on. Just one stone can change the feel of your engagement or wedding ring and is worth considering for sure.

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